1. What is PcashPay.com?

PcashPay is an online advertising site. PcashPay is responsible for real products, with real customers. We also provide some extra but limited earning opportunities to all our members .

2.Is PcashPay legal?

YES, it is legal. In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you . If you want to More details are available in the "details" page.

3.Is PcashPay free to join?

Yes. PcashPay is free to join.

4. How do I earn money with Pcashpay.com?

Purchase  revenue share Ad Packs , veiw PTC ads & referral commission .

5.Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Only one account per member.

6.Can I and my family member sign-up from same IP address?

No, you cannot sign up for 2 accounts using same IP address.

7.Why has my account been deleted?

It may be deleted for reasons, not limited to, inappropriate behavior/abuse towards other members and/or the administration of PcashPay /filing of payment disputes and several other reasons. If you believe that none of the above is true and still your account has been deleted, please contact us.

8. How long is your working days ?

our working days are Monday to Friday .

9.Is my personal information protected with your company?

Any personal information that you provide to us are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

10. Can I change payment processors / processor IDs?

No. We do not accept this for security reasons. But if you must change, please send a support ticket and we will review your case.

11.Is there a minimum deposit limit?

The minimum deposit limit is $5. Members can fund their accounts with as much money as they desire.

12.How long does it take to process purchases?

All purchases are automatically and instantly processed and the advertising package you bought will reflect in your account immediately. But during some cases, it may take upto 6-8 hours for the payment to get processed. If the payment is not processed even after 6-8 hours , please submit a support ticket with full transaction details.

13.Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount per day is $5.

14.How many withdrawal requests can I submit per day and what is the maximum withdrawal limit?

A member is allowed to submit up to one withdrawal requests per day. The limit a member can withdraw per day is $300.

15.How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?

Withdraw requests are generally processed our Business day . Requests are completed in the order they are received so please allow several hours to receive your request.

16.What payment processors are used in PcashPay ?

We accept Perfect Money, Bitcoin & Payza (Coming Soon).

17. What is PcashPay Refund Policy?

NO Refunds will  be given for deliverd  products and  services due to their  intangible nature .

18. My question is not answered here.What should i do?

Please use the "Support" page to send us your question. One of our support staff will answer it as soon as possible.